Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's Been a Year

Yeah I was thinking about Grampy also (who passed away a year ago),  I'ts crazy how time flies, it's good your going to go do all the temple work for him. Death has no bite. I remember when Oliver's dad in Puerto Maldonado died in the jungle and he found the comfort in the Plan of Salvation. I heard the missionaries are teaching his mom. that made me happy.

I did divisions with Elder Melo, he told me where he was from but I forgot it's close to Bogota. but ready for this. HE MET ELDER MARRIOTT IN LIMA!!!  They were pretty good friends he said, its crazy how small the world is.  Elder Melo is a good kid. He gets up on time with me,  to do exercises in the room, because the Zone Leaders said we can't go to the gym anymore. I was really bummed, now I'm back to push ups. No more bench press or anything cool.  I'm thinking about buying weights to have in the room, I just 20 kilos, i'll probably spend about 140 soles,  a good investment, what do you think? I'll probably just sell them to another Elder when I finish.  

Christian is doing good.  We taught his grandpa. He has a bunch of Bible questions and that's when seminary comes handy answering his questions. I answered his Bible questions then I asked him if he wanted to know if the Church was true. he said Sí (yes) so I asked what he was doing to get that answer he didn't respond because he knew he wasn't doing anything. All he said was 'una buena pregunta hermano lider'  (a good question brother leader) and tried to change the subject. He said "admiro su inteligencia herman lider" (I admire your intelligence brother leader).  He calls me hermano lider  cause he somehow found out I was District Leader.  I don't know how but its pretty funny when he says that stuff.    

Hey!!  The week sounded pretty fun, I was looking at the pictures I had from the birthdays in 2015, Nah its fine about the money. I don't know why they charged that, it wasn't too big. Thanks for the belt its super cool. Wow, road show,  I remember those days and completely understand why Mary didn't want to do it, cause I didn't want to either haha.

The biggest news this week, is that our investigator Erick passed his baptismal interview yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Were all super happy for his baptism the 15th. Our other investigator Lizbeth went to Arequipa for a month so we'll see what happens in March.

Yesterday we had a surprise visit of two couple missionaries Elder and Hermana Poulsen,(they replaced the Johnsons),  We had a big meeting in our chapel for about 3 hours where members could come in and get family history help. At first I was just translating, but so many people came that, I just worked at a computer helping people fill in their family trees (cause I knew how to use the system).  It was fun to help the people. It's hard because the census here hasn't existed for too long. They mostly work with memory from their relatives.  I suggested to some to go to the little villages, and look in the Catholic churches for baptismal records to get names of ancestors. Their gonna go do it.   

Oh and another small thing, my bag strap broke the other day when I was walking, so in the next package you could send me the same bag strap. I'm just using my bag in fanny pack mode, or in my hand.  I'll be fine I won't die, it's just more convenient.  Elder Augat said there is a lady in Salt Lake that travels to Peru and has a business to bring packages for missionaries, maybe you could look into that for the future I heard its faster..   

I'm doing good.  Thanks for everything all the packages and letters


Elder Wilde

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