Thursday, November 19, 2015

Parable of the Sower

Yes we have a baptism coming up  for December 5th for Jensen, he's very animated. He came to Church Sunday and he told everyone about his date, he was very happy at the church.  He is progressing very well.  

We had another part member family come to Church. They really liked my talk I gave about the Parable of the Sower, and I applied it to the Branch.  Everyone at Church is like " hey you've been here a while right" they joke saying I'm going to buy land and live here now!!! haha  The dad is not a member and his wife is less active but is  coming back .  We went and taught them after Church, we taught the restoration but emphasized apostasy so that he understood, the need for a restoration, it was very good. We read Moroni 10:4-5  he said he'll pray and that if he  feels an answer he will be baptized, a lot of progress, with him in weeks, they are not married so they'll have to do that also, but the wife will help alot with that.

Wow everything at home sounds pretty  fun.  We're having a Mission Night Saturday, I'll send pictures next week.

                                  It was raining in the valley next door so I took a cool picture

It's good to give service; we always look for chances to do that.  I gave a talk about the Sower in Matthew 13, it's one of my favorite parables, because Jesus explains it right after!!!!  He usually didn't do that, I spoke to the Branch, about the 4 types of seeds, and how we should be seed #4, that fell in good earth and gave fruit. It's very interesting.  I would recommend, and also the talk by Elder Oaks from April 2015.  It was a hit with the folks here. like 20 minutes almost. 

I was meeting with my converts and they told me about the (Paris) attack it sounded crazy, I hope they take appropriate actions to counteract  it in the future.  Very sad stuff

In the mission I've become an amateur electrician. haha,  For the electric showers, I'm going to install a new one in the room today I'll send a picture of the install, I use the wire splicing and other stuff I learned working at the Porters, and stuff  I've  picked here, like using lots of Teflon to replace broken seals!!!

I hope everything is fine, I'm good here even though last week I started to hit a wall in Patibamba (too much time) but I got over that. 


Elder Wilde

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