Friday, September 18, 2015

Chuno with noodles and chicken and Cuy (guinea pig)

I found out that the part member family that we started teaching does not live in our sector. We have to pass them to the other missionaries. What happened was I had the wrong limit on my map so I thought they were in Patibamba. darn

Yesterday we were walking and we had a really good contact with this guy, he started talking to us then we walked for a bit, he wants to come talk to us, i feel like he's a good guy that can progress!!!  and he's in our sector!!!!   My companion likes old John Wayne movies, and I explained Fail Safe.   In Patibamba we have the bus terminal in Abancay, so whenever an Elder comes in at night we have to go pick him up. On Saturday an Elder showed up from Andahuaylas, we picked him up and (it was our landlords birthday, and they invited us after dinner to what I thought would be just cake... ) so we ate dinner then went back to the room, they had Chuño, with noodles and chicken and  then Cuy (Guinea Pig).  We were all so stuffed!!!haha 

Wow that sounds crazy with those fires, I always explain that about where I live in California. My landlord  likes Bonanza, could you send the pictures from the Ponderosa Ranch?

ooh something about sending me shoes: this sister in my branch has family in Fresno. They are going to come visit in October. They said they could bring shoes. If you called and said you have a son serving in Abancay. You could arrange how to get them the stuff.  I think this is the best shot we got!!

In Patibamba we are doing good. We are finding new people still and more less active members, next week is the end of this transfer so we'll see if i stay here more time. My companion finishes next change, so if I don't leave I'm here till December. jajaja 
I'm slowly eating the goodies that came in my packages and having a good time here.

                                       this picture is my whole zone from last p day, 

                                     Boiled corn with ground up cheese  yummy!!!


Elder Wilde

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