Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hot Springs

Wow it sounds like Sawyer is doing pretty good and sounds like a blast to have around.  We are teaching this family and the mom is less active and the dad isn't a member.  His son and son's wife came to the last lesson, and we taught about the restoration. The dad is an ex detective, and wants to see all the evidence, and his son just told him he needs to have faith and went on for a bit, the son basically said everything I wanted to say, but couldn't out of respect. Then after it was a nice spiritual lesson. Hopefully they will progress.  That's an example of a new family we are working with.    The pictures looked cool, and thanks for the usb!!!

                                        That's a photo of my sector Patibamba 

To answer that question I don't know that Hermana from Hawaii. The thing is the 2 zones I've been in are isolated and we don't really have contact with the other zones, so I don't know that many people in the mission but i'll ask around.

We had a good week, we are still teaching people and finding more every day. I'm using the directory and the maps I have of Patibamba to make geographic lists of people to go look for, We are just starting out but I feel we will have success in that.

OH AND I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANKS FOR ALL THE FOOD AND IT WAS JUST SO COOL TO GET PACKAGES.   I also got one from grandma and grandpa. The picture is with the combined packages.  

It's crazy how fast the weeks are going by now, the time is flying here in abancaycito.   

I noticed that after I leave appointments I'm just really happy like it just feels so good to help people out..

Last pday we went to Pachachaca and we went further to some hot springs in this crazy river canyon, there was just a pool of hot water it was insanely cool..

This pday we are not doing anything like that though, just sports...


Elder Wilde

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