Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Exodus...Moving Day

I  don't have much time but here I go,

This week we had the exodus we moved all our stuff from our old house to the new one.  We called the zone and they didn't approve a moving truck. We were walking and I saw a truck so I went up and made a contract of 15 soles  ($4.75 US) to move us!!!!!  It took 2 ish hours saving 6 with the truck!!! we called it the truck from Heaven!! haha

We moved apartments because President Harbertson came with the assistants to every apartment in the mission and in the end we were told to look for a new apartment. I was so happy,  where we live now is 1,000 times better.  That's a pic when we were getting ready to move, the floor was like a old sailing ship. I think the Balclutha's deck is more level. and it had lots of other interesting aspects to it also.

Last night we fixed our hot shower and I showered with hot water today!!!!!  we've been having bad luck 'fixed' it like 3 times, but just bound the contacts together in the end! its nice not to get a headache from showering now  

This week my companion went to Cuzco for a meeting of District Leaders and he got a cell phone!! That's progress for Cuzco, they say in a year or so all companionships might have one too. 

We are working hard with the new family that we are teaching. We taught the Plan of Salvation Sunday and it went real well. They are probably going to get married in 2 weeks when he comes back if all goes well.

The baptism on the 4th went very well. Jamil and his sister Amelid were baptized and Sunday confirmed. I performed the ordinance for Jamil it was perfect no mess ups!! the service was nice lots of support, we are working with the father It's just a question of his work schedule at this point basically.  With the baptism it was an awesome fourth of July.

In testimony meeting Sunday a bunch of people bore their testimonies in Quechua and it was coolish, but I understood nothing. I can only greet people and super basic stuff. They always try to mess with gringos by speaking Quechua in the streets and then I surprise them with ' allianchu wayki' (the best translation we could find online is "make your meadow better" so who knows what it means) then they laugh and talk in Spanish.

I'm writing later than normal because we went to lunch with the family that we are teaching at a park place. We played volleyball and soccer after a big lunch!!


I didn't end up traveling to Cuzco but I helped load up the truck to go to Cuzco, I was in the rain for the first time since I left Puerto this week, but I still haven't sweat since I got on the plane in Puerto. that's in all seriousness.

The belt is nice but not adjustable it has holes. look for missionary belts its some company in Utah that sells them , and send pictures to confirm selection   

I got to run to District Meeting now.

Elder Wilde

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