Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Birthday!!

So the big news is Elida and Javier are planning to get married the 24th of July!!!!!! with his baptism the 25th!!!!!!  We're all super happy here to complete this family. We found out that Elder Uceda (Member of the First Quorum of the Seventy) is coming to Cuzco the 24th of July to talk to all the missionaries. So we don't know if we'll have to reschedule or what. We just hope it'll work out good.  

Another thing we did was a service project, we went to the chacra (farm) of the 73 year old guy in the branch to help him out because its terrace farming!!! real steep and easy to fall as an 18 year old. I learned how to irrigate like an Incan!!! We dug drainage ditches in the hillside, it was crazy cool. Sorry no pictures I didn't bring my camera there :(  and at the end he said he had a reference for us. We went and contacted it with him yesterday, and it was great. The guy said he was busy cause he's cooking, the 73 year old brother said 'papy yo sé cocinar te ayudo papito' and he was trying so hard to get in the door it was so funny. He said us men are good for our word, and your a man and said we could pass by this time.  and in the end he  was like 'soy viejo y esta haciendo un calor terrible, y estoy sudando papito, podemos pasar un ratitio (something like "I'm old and it's hot and I am sweating")?  The guy was kind of a jerk and just kept saying no so we left. But this old guy was way more bold than us, we learned a little from him!!!

Oh and a missionary from the branch left for the mission and there was a farewell, they passed a microphone around to say stuff, there, and so me and my comp went up together said some cliche missionary jokes then said we had to go eat dinner now.

another thing we taught family history yesterday at church and Grampie doesn't show up related to me. Something got unconnected when he passed I think.

thanks for the birthday wishes, it's weird I'll be 19 in a couple days. I'm probably not gonna have a party because here they throw an egg on your head for every year you have... so translation I haven't told anyone. I´ll buy myself something good on Saturday!!¡¡

about shoes how is that progressing??.  don't send inserts unless you already bought them, I decided I don't really need new ones. but for my 2nd year I'll need new ones. 

This week we started teaching a guy alver the restoration, he accepted it all, but he went to work in Andahualyas for a week, so we're going to pick up when he gets back. He's pareja is less active along with her family. 

So this week we were looking for a reference from another branch Las Intimpas, and it wasn't going good because the address was 'the corner by the bus terminal' but we were walking and someone yelled 'Elders!!!' we turned around and this lady was running towards us she is a member from Piura in the north by Ecuador, and is living here in Abancay. Her boyfriend doesn't like the church and doesn't want her to go, but was out working in the mines this day, she told us she saw us from her apartment window walking and ran out to find us, she said she prayed that morning to find the missionaries. I think we talked to her about 45 minutes, about advice and counseling pretty much. She said she'd come to Church with him  and she did and they stayed the whole time!!!  He is pretty closed minded but we've got an appointment Tuesday with them.  And then after we talked in the street we gave up on searching for the reference, and we started to walk up a street then found the guy!! Were gonna start to teach him this week!!

 It's starting to go better in the sector now, my companion  has 4 more weeks left in the mission. so I'll be onto my 4th companion soonish.

Elder Wilde

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