Tuesday, April 7, 2015


YEESSSSS!!! Elder Cedeño is going to Concilio in Cuzco this week so hopefully I`ll get my package  super soon!!!   So this week my companion ended his two years, we went around saying bye to people this week. So me and the zone planned a surprise dinner party with todos at 8 and I planned a little FHE at 6 and thought that would be fine... when we got there they had a bonfire and we had grilled bananas  a delicacy here. 

At the end-ish we ate dinner with them and I was trying to get us to leave but Elder Rivera didn't want to because he thought only 2 elders were waiting!!! Then the family brought out 2 cakes for us to have. they had a hard time with my name, the mom saw my plaque and was like " well we goofed bad!!`"  

I went over and whispered to him that the whole zone was waiting and we were 30 minutes late!! He said we would come back in the morning to eat cake with them!! We ran all the way from Pueblo Viejo by the river to the city Arriba and we died!!! the sweat was unbearable I was just dying when we got there and couldn't eat my 2nd dinner or 2nd cake!!  we all had a blast though. We watched the world report and I was looking for Elder Schnell during the USS Missouri piece but I didn't see him. We were all bummed that there's nothing that cool here in Puerto.  I've been zone leader for the week and I will be until my companion gets here. My new companion is Elder Segura he comes here next Wednesday in the night on the bus, its raining pretty good so there may be landslides on the highway.  Last time it rained the leaders took 16 hrs to get to Cuzco for a meeting.  From the Zone Leader emails, my companion Elder Segura is from Argentina and is traveling from Abancay to Puerto. 

Its been fun, now there's other elders where I live and we play cards during meals and chill on our roof.  oh my gosh, there was a hurricane this morning!!!!!!  We had to walk 3 blocks to breakfast and we were all completely soaked through our ponchos and botas (boots), it was so fun, cause the wind was super strong and all the streets were flooding. Well hopefully we`ll do something today, my idea was inner tubing in the giant canals.

We didn't teach to much this week, pday was Monday, We said goodbye to people Tuesday and Wednesday was zone conference all day and Elder Rivera left Friday in the morning. I passed my first April fools day in the mission, with an "emergency transfer to Sicuani" I fell for it for a couple seconds. General Conference was really good we had a scare when the assistants told us we had to watch it in Spanish!!!!  I think everyone complained and president overruled them on that one, we watched it in English and I loved it. What was up with the dissent? I heard yelling and president Uchtdorf acknowledged the vote!! and Richard G. Scott didn't speak and president Monson spoke twice!! All us elders were talking if the prophet was going to talk in priesthood and when he did everyone was relieved.  My temporary companion is  Elder Cedeño he is from Ecuador and he's real funny, our cell phone is a nokia!!!! its a bit of a down grade but it works. I'm doing very well and will be back to my sector Thursday to start working there again.


Elder Wlde

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