Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Important Lessons

 My new companion is from Argentina, its been good, he doesn't speak English so I have been speaking Spanish a lot lately ! haha My companion got in Wednesday night on the bus.. We have been trying to meet with Eduardo but we have had a hard time finding him. He doesn't have a cell phone, and the city is big. 

Gosh I'm so happy about Grant. I know a bunch of missionaries in Iquitos and from what I heard its a blast!!  To go between zones they use airplanes because highways don't exist!!!!  and their super lejos (far). I`ll tell him my CCM (MTC) advice too, I`ll warn my friends he's coming in a while. 

One family we visited this week we were there and the mom said she had problem accepting the Book of  Mormon. We talked for a while and by the end we resolved her questions and she committed to read and pray. At the end she told us, she felt she could trust in us what she really thought because it didn't matter if it was blazing hot or pouring rain, we always came to visit her. She said it was a good Christian example. Again the example when nobody thinks they're watching. This is really good progress for that family. 

In the Zone Meeting I got the envelope from the (Bass Lake Ward) Relief Society, thanks!!! it's always good to get mail, but I guess the package isn't here yet.

The picture is in Triunfo we were going to a community and the combi (bus?)  dropped us off in the freakin' jungle cause they said the road was too bad, so we walked the rest of the way.  
The thing here is most people don't go to the hospital , so they die. or are just in a lot of pain. Wow the general (Allan Tuttle) passed on. He was a very great guy , when I knew him in the ward. We always went over and put up Christmas lights and helped him out in his yard, he was always really nice and grateful to us.  

Gosh this week, we didn't have too much time in the sector but one night we went and visited an investigating family. They are legally married which is very rare!!! They always want to talk etc.  This visit the dad sat us down, and said he would like us to prepare a special lesson about the family and how to make it stronger. He explained some more, and when he said," Elder Wilde I'm putting my trust in you to help me fix this mess", I was kinda like whoaaa. I thought for a while and then just started talking. I haven't been in that situation before, but I gave him comfort and advice. I know I was guided to say what I did. He was very grateful for what I shared, and he really wants to make things right and we will help him as best we can.   That was the big thing this week I think, a very profound experience.

I'm trying my best here and hopefully it's enough.  


The photo is me and elder Augat trying to fix his phone!!!  It didn't work out in the end but it was fun. yeah that's when I had a cell phone for a week!!! 

 Love you all,

Elder WIlde

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