Thursday, April 2, 2015

Oliver's Baptism

Eduardo´s fecha (baptismal date) has been postponed because of problems with his work schedule. Oliver was baptized and it was a very nice service.  The baptism had a nice spirit and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Oliver was super excited and he was confirmed Sunday.

I think I read the same article in the Liahona but in Spanish! I liked how it teaches like Jesus with questions and examples, I'm sorry for the shortness but we are in a hurry, its my companions last preparation day before he goes home ,

This picture I sent is sugar cane. It's super good, this lady gave me it. You bite off a piece and suck on it  then spit out the fibers. It was super sweet!!!!  Just pure sugar. and we got some Kao Kao (brand of chocolate) and we are going to make chocolate soon-ish.

My companion is fine, but the sister that was in the hospital died in Cuzco last week. The family is super sad.

An idea for the family is to study Mosiah 2-6 this week,  because it was the first General Conference in the Church.  Also I reccommend starting with chapter 1 of Preach My Gospel not chapter 8,  You need to know what to use your time wisely with.

 My email had a hard time loading and I got in random only.
On top of an "Obelisk" in Puerto Maldonado, Peru


Elder Wilde

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