Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eduardo where are you?

We went back to teach that family a (great) lesson we had prepared but when we got there the dad was called away for special service and the mom was in the hospital!!  we came back later and talked to the mom and she gave us a reference to a family that she said really needed to hear the message of the gospel. And we found out that she gave a reference to the old missionaries that led to a rescue and a baptism!! We are trying our best with them.

 Yeah my Spanish is improving pretty good now that I only speak Spanish. I'm the only person in the branch that speaks English now!!! In my branch here we had  about 80 people in sacrament meeting. They are working to be a ward. We are still searching for Eduardo and it's starting to worry me, we are going to redouble our efforts this week to find him. 

A kid in a lesson said a closing prayer and he said please bless the family of Elder Wilde!! And also for the first time a member came up to me and asked when can I come visit families with you guys? He is super cool and we visited a lot of families and he showed us some I didn't know before. It's good to have people to break the ice. As a missionary I know the difficulties. But mom you can ask the missionaries when can I come visit with you guys and they will be stoked!! it's probably more common at home but it meant a lot to me when the person did it.

                                         Thus picture is me and my companion Elder Segura,

These pictures are of me cutting up a CastaƱo Coco with a machete, It's pretty much giant almonds inside, I think I'm going to buy a machete cause they're super useful here.

 A gringo came to church last week, he is from Lodi, CA but has lived in Ecuador for 15 years. It was fun talking about home and he took us out to dinner the next day. He was a super cool guy.

Oliver got a job working on the highway so now hes gone most the week but he's doing good. He showed up to church with a super high fever and refused to go to the hospital and everyone was just like, Elder Wilde you are not his mom he just needs to go drink some coco water, relax`.  I got a list of (converts) for the past 2 years and made a statistical report of the numbers and it was not good. I'm now making a rescue plan to go get them all.   It was a good week, I'm getting to know my companion better and I'm picking up Spanish. we also made some progress on some eternal investigators, 

 Love, Elder Wilde

looking forward to the 10th (Mothers Day when he can call home)

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