Monday, February 2, 2015

An Eventful Week

 I'm glad I am fine too but first HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM HAVE A GOOD BIRTHDAY!!! DRINK LOTS OF ROOT BEER FOR ME!!!  send me some birthday pictures next week. We eat at pensions (room and board) but this morning we opted to not go to our breakfast pension because it wasted time so we'll probably buy lots of milk and cereal. It'll be better.. We eat MASSSIVE amounts of rice mom like get one of our big white plates and cover the entire thing with rice and then plop some carne (meat) on it. That's a basic recipe here. We're teaching a couple people,  Oliver, Joselyn, Randy, Miriam, Brayan, Naomi.  they all have (Anglo) names but there Peruvian .we haven't gotten to far in the directory to be honest we got it as a reference. Yes I did get your package and I opened the cookies last night. Scrumptious. I also got a card from Julie when I was in Cuzco Friday. I have seen His Hand in our work here.
 I went to Cuzco and Lima last week. It was really difficult. We found out Tuesday and we left Wednesday by bus to Cuzco and on Thursday I flew to Lima to get my ID (Peru) then flew back to Cuzco. Friday we drove back to Puerto Maldonado all day. I don't think there's a car ride in the states that can bother me now. The Andes are really beautiful, I would send pictures but the USB port on this machine doesn't function!! The other day I was a little grumpy and getting mad, so i stopped and thought back to this phrase 'salvation never was a cheap experience' this is about what the Saviour suffered for us and how whatever I go through will be microscopic compared to His Suffering. That got me out because it made me realize how dumb it is to complain or be mad. 

 The other day we taught a family of investigators (person missionaries are teaching )and I taught about the apostasy and other sections but I was talking a lot and showing this picture I drew about the columns of Christs church, and finished with my testimony. At the end the hermana (sister) said, 'Èl quiere decir mucho pero èl no puede' and she said it was brave to leave our country and families, to come to Puerto and to learn spanish and teach people. I called this bearing a silent testimony, Because I tried my best to teach the truths and the spirit still testifies if its pronounced wrong.  Like the other day I goofed saying a prayer and the person was like Elder its alright the spirit understands what you mean to say.

 We have an investigator con fecha (with date for baptism) for march hopefully he progresses well. I finally got diarrhea medicine and now i haven't pooped for 4 days but I feel fine otherwise. Last pday (preparation day) I got a banana split and it left me about 20 minutes later, but it sure tasted good!! I'm gonna go get milkshakes with other elders, go to the zoo, and probably play fùtbol.

I'll send pics next week 

Hasta semana
Elder Wilde

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