Monday, January 26, 2015

Jungle Life

The work is going good except for when its super hot then I just sweat constantly. We don't tract per se but we work with a lot of the less active members and just find people. We don't track door to door and I probably never will to be honest.  Most days we teach a lot of lessons, There's lots of walking. My Spanish is fine.  My companion says i'll be fluent in a few months probably.

I attached a picture of Campo Verde where there's no electricity and Boas and Anacondas run around like its normal. The people there don't go outside at night, I wouldn't either.  They killed a giant boa the other day with a shotgun.

Sometimes I think of Desolation Wilderness because I'm using the skills I learned there from Brother Keay here in Puerto everyday. Everything,  Survival heat sickness, pooping outside, map orienteering, packing my bag for rain, and walking all day. We are teaching many people a lot of less actives mingled with investigators.   And there's a lot of random stuff out in the jungle like lion statues that  are just there!

We printed a new directory that's 21 pages long and were starting contacting members street by street in our sector. A lot don't have addresses or its just a street name, Puerto is very interesting. I've met some people that knew President Weston (in Cusco). Hopefully we'll get someone close to baptism.

I don't want Dengue or this crazy flesh eating bug that's going around but I haven't gotten many bites.
I took this panoramic picture on the other side of the bridge out in the boonies.


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