Monday, February 9, 2015

Como se Llama (or Alpaca)?

Hola, I went to Lima with other missionaries and we drove back in a bus. We made good time, last week the zone leaders took 14 hours because of a landslide on the highway. Yeah we have several good investigators and the president wants us to talk to more families. So this week I had my first work visit where the district leader goes 24 hours with every missionary. I went with his companion for one day. I was scared because he is only 1 transfer older (been a missionary for 6 weeks longer) than me and we both don't speak Spanish it went good that day. but before we left my apartment he tried to throw an Aguaje (fruit) out of the window and he shattered our window!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily an investigator works at a window company and we got it fixed without involving our landlord. 

                                                   My area "Pueblo Viejo" from on a hill

                                          ants have wings and are giant and bite you here!!!!!

 Thanks for the pictures voy a imprimir (I'll Print). Today we were walking and heard this commotion and there was like a riot in front of the court building a bunch of riot gear and soldiers. I knew it was bad when I saw a police convoy going to the square full of soldiers. I hear they get mad easily here. One of my favorite things is when we are walking on a hot day and people yell Elders¡ and give us some soft drinks. 

 It's going good here, I got my mission bag with my name its pretty cool, I always have my church issued poncho with me.

We taught about 30 lessons last week, This week we had 80 people in sacrament meeting. I don't know how many youth attend but only a handful. 

Thanks for the pictures. I'm going to print them today at a foto place. lo siento ( I am sorry) I don't have much time because all the other cafes were full and we had to walk a ways . So every Saturday we teach an ingles class, in the middle of class the power went out. We evacuated the building.  Puerto always has rolling blackouts,  I gave a talk in sacrament meeting again this time about mission work, it was tough because I barely had time to great ready. I read lots of scriptures.  

                                              ¡Bienvenidos de Cusco PerĂº! #llamapic

Hasta Semana   

ELder Wilde

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