Monday, February 16, 2015

A sad but productive week...

Note from LaDawn:

On Tuesday February 10th Bill's father passed away at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, California.  From the hospital, Bill called Michael's Mission President to tell him that Michael's grandfather had passed away.  President Harbertsen phoned Michael to tell him and gave Michael the option of  calling home by Skype to talk to his family about the passing of his grandfather.

Michael Wrote:

When I got a call from President Harbertsen it was almost like the chaplain coming to the door, I knew what it was about as soon as he started to talk. I could tell it was hard for him, that's probably a tough part of being a Mission President, telling young people that type of news, he was very kind . When I was talking to him I told him that I knew that in one year to the day his temple work would be done, and that he is a smart guy and would accept the gospel. I cried the most I ever cried before and I was very sad, but after I Skyped (home) I had more of a better feeling and was able to carry out the day normally. In my journal I wrote down everything I could remember and I cried more thinking about all the stuff he said and did. 
    I wish I was there at the funeral, I would have liked to talk (at the funeral)  The graveside service seemed very nice with the honor guard and the flag, and taps and the flyover. I was writing in my journal about my last visit with him and was about to write that was the last time I'll see him, but I stopped because I know I will see him again and this is just a temporary separation. I also remembered when it was just me and him sitting in his room for an hour while (Dad was) meeting with customers and we were talking and I could see he was crying while we were talking, Then I thought he was sad to see me leave the country. Now I realize he probably knew that it would be the last time he saw me alive just like we figured. 

The next day I searched through a giant stack of Liahonas (Church magazines) and found the only English one to read. The First Presidency message was about coping with death through the power of the Atonement. It was very profound for me and touched me to the core. I have gained a firm testimony over the past week.  

I am sad but I will carry on, and continue to bring souls unto Christ.

Save me a Cleveland Indians hat or a Browns jacket (of Grampie's). 

Wow that sounds like the funeral went good, I was thinking about that a lot on Saturday,That is good to have the family together like that, it doesn't happen too much. Gosh I would kill for some Harry's Hofbrau or just normal food at this point!! Send me a picture of my (missonary) plaque I would like to see it!!  
   At this point we only have one investigator that is close Eduardo, he received an answer and is very excited. He told someone else he was going to be baptized and para mi I see that as a sign he will accept our baptismal invitation.
    So for teaching the Restoration and parts of the Plan of Salvation I usually teach parts of it along with como comenzar enseñar. If it's a really unique message to the person, like a struggle they have or its a more advanced lesson I usually don't speak until I bear my testimony at the end. My Spanish is coming along good, I am learning a lot of Spanish. My least favorite thing is talking to people on the phone it sucks haha;  really bad connection + fast/slurred Spanish + me learning Spanish is not a good combo at all!! It has happened like 3 times that people have called while my companion is showering. I kinda just say he's gonna call back in 5 minutes. 

I held a Parrot the other day it was really cool!! its claws kinda hurt though. After this we're going to the Serpentario (snake zoo?) so next week I'll have pictures of me holding Anacondas and Boas and all that cool stuff.  (Note from Bill:  My father hated snakes.  His least favorite species of snake worldwide was the Anaconda.  He would shudder when they were shown on TV).


(Elder Wilde)


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