Sunday, August 9, 2015

Zone Conference in the Incan Ruins

hey mom sorry I cant write too much today because I got your email right at the end of my time !!! sorry that sounds real fun in Cameron Park and tell Jonah hi from me.   I'm doing good here. Next Monday I'll tell you who my new companion is!!!

When I was in the ruins and in the Combi ride I realized holy crap I'm living in the freakin Andes!!!  It's so cool here and there's ruins everywhere and I'm learning more quechuan too. 

I go to the internet at 10 am my time and I'm there to 11 am, so it would be good to coordinate that.

My companion is Elder Valdivia from Mendoza Argentina and he finishes his mission next week!!!! super trunky

This week was interesting, Monday and Tuesday were Independence Day so nobody talked to us, and on Wednesday we went to Andahualyas for a multi zone conference with President Harbertson. We had the conference in the Incan ruins 'Sondor.'   We played capture the flag at the top of the big hill it was super fun, Hermana Harbertson almost pushed me off a terrace!!!  It was the first ruins I've been to in the mission, and won't be the last for sure. haha  

Yesterday my companion went to Cuzco to go to Macchu Pichu, with some other missionaries who are finishing their mission.  I'm in another sector Intimpas with a temporary companion also from Argentina Elder Paucari. Yesterday we had some good success teaching and the highlight was our last lesson. So my companion has 4 months in the mission so I'm the senior companion, and we went to the appointment and he said we were gonna teach Lesson 2 "Plan of Salvation". I didn't feel that is the situation and then the dad who is an admitted drunk invited his other drunk friend over cause he said he needed help in his life. We started talking and my companion said lesson 1 the "Restoration" but I felt "Word of Wisdom", I knew it would be difficult but I knew that's what they needed, For a moment I didn't know what to do but I was like I'm scared to teach this but it's what they need. It went very well and I challenged them to decide then to stop drinking. We have a follow up cita (appointment)  Wednesday. I'm gonna be in Intimpas until Thursday and then Elder Paucari is coming to Patibamba Sunday until our new companions come. It's gonna be an interesting week. 


Elder Wilde

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