Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Wedding and a Baptism

Wow you guys are back from camping already?! In like a week I'll have one year with my call!!!
It's good the blue sub(urban) is still living and now with air conditioning, that would have been cool when I drove it.  haha!

I haven't gotten anything yet (packages), but the zone leaders are coming back from Cuzco right now, so they might have stuff for me, I went to Cuzco Thursday but I couldn't get to the offices :(  

We had a conference with Elder Uceda in Cuzco. He had all these plans to do but he was like the spirit is telling me to change my message. He talked us for 4 hours about repentance. He did it without any notes, he was using greek and hebrew words to shows the history of repentance. and burned the Latinos for not learning English. he said its for fear and embarrasment. then he called us all to repentance, and just talked about that and obedience!! Inicuos habiamos sido (We had been wicked).   it was super cool in Cuzco.  

Elder Uceda told us his mission story and of the church in Peru. When he served in Peru there was one mission and there was about 6 Latinos serving in the whole country. There were two branches (small congregations) in Cuzco, one in Puno and one in Juliaca. He was called Branch President in Puno with the order to shut it down if it didn't improve. He got attendance from 6 to 120 and now there's two stakes there!!!!  all the missionaries were just shocked he's such a cool guy!!!  when he came to Abancay I talked to him in English and found out that two of his kids served in CA!!   

When  went to papa johns in Cuzco I ate pizza and got sick after because my stomach wasn't used to American food. first time since December.

 I went to a mall to eat with my friends from Puerto and when I walked into the mall I felt like I was in the states.   look it up its called Real Plaza!  

We went to the wedding almost all day Saturday, it was cool, and Sunday before Sacrament Meeting we baptized him, then he went and got confirmed normal. and his son Jamil received the Aaronic Priesthood!!!  

More good news, in Cuzco I heard from the Elders in my last sector (from Puerto)  that the family I started teaching there is getting baptized this week, shows how the work pays off in the long run, 

Now we got to get working because we don't have anyone else close, I'm doing good and my spanish is getting better too!!

 we had an light week lots of lost time in travel, and this week were going to Andahuaylas for a Multi Zone Conference, the ugliest bus trip in the mission. just look at the highway from Abancay to there.


Elder Wilde

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