Monday, August 24, 2015

Strengthening the church

Yes this week was good, I got us some cement, sand, and rocks and I mixed and poured the cement in our room to make some weights. It was an interesting project for sure.   

I don't know if I said before but Jamil is first assistant in the Priests Quorum now!!!  and we had the whole week in the sector and we had a lot of work. I'm starting a strategy to try to strengthen the church by reactivating the members that live super close to the church first and to strengthen the center before expanding to the boonies of the sector. I think it's working we had the best attendance in all my time here, and hopefully it'll keep getting better.  

Don't worry mom I've got some habits now like shining my shoes, writing in my journal, and shaving everyday.

 One experience that happened this week was with a part member family. We had essentially stopped visiting them for 2-3 weeks, and we stopped by and asked when we could visit and the wife said tomorrow at 6. We came, fully expecting them to not be there like normal, but she was there and we started talking, she said that last Sunday she was at home and remembered what I told them about praying with faith to god the Eternal Father to receive an answer. She then prayed for the first time in 12 years as a member and asked if the church was true, and then after she started channel surfing on TV and found an interesting station, called BYU TV!!!!!  She watched that for a while and they talked about baptismal covenants and studying the scriptures. She had a light bulb moment realizing what she wasn't doing. She asked me if that was an answer and I told her yes it was. We then talked with her husband who isn't a member and in the end of the lesson she prayed and it was very spiritual. She was crying during the prayer as she prayed for her family to realize the same things. The spirit was very strong there and was a very nice experience.  Sunday she came to church with her husband for the first time since I've been here.  

It was a very good week in Patibamba

Elder Wilde

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