Sunday, January 25, 2015

Leaving the CCM

Michael left the CCM (Missionary Training Center) in Lima, Peru (elevation about sea level) on January 14th and flew to Cuzco, Peru (elevation 11,200 feet).

We received the following email and pictures from Michael's Mission President:

"Dear Parents,

As you can see in the attached photo, your son has arrived safely to the Peru Cusco Mission! We are thrilled to have him here! He looks great, a bit tired from the travel, but ready to go! Thank you for allowing us to watch over him for the next two years. He has promised that he will be a missionary we can trust, and we have now given him that trust. As well, you can trust that we will do everything that we can to care for him and to help him to become a successful missionary.

Con Gran Amor,

Presidente y Hermana Harbertson"

Michael with other recently arrived missionaries, local people and their creatures in Cuzco

Michael with President and Sister Harbertson.  They volunteer for three years to lead about 200 young missionaries like Michael.

Michael with a companion in Cuzco.

Panoramic Photo of Cusco

We did not hear from Michael that week.  We did receive an unexpected email from someone in his ward on Sunday January 18th:

"Hello, my name is Nathanael Haggard. I am doing an internship in a forest preserve in Peruvian Amazon while I am attending BYU-Idaho. I met Elder Wilde and he asked me to just send you an update because you didn't hear from him last week. He said he will e-mail you tomorrow. Below is a picture of him and his companion and a little letter he wrote you.

I will be in his area/ward for a month longer so if you need something, let me know,
Nathanael Haggard"

Michael has arrived in Puerto Maldonado (elevation 600', 80 miles from Bolivia, 100 miles from Brazil and in the middle of the Amazon Jungle.  We received the following email from him Monday 1/19:

"I traveled to Cuzco fine mom, they made me leader of the group heading to Cuzco so I had to get them there in one piece. I adjusted fine to the altitude and met the President Harbertson and stayed for 2 days in Cuzco.  Next I got my comp[anion] Elder Rivera and we headed to the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado. It was only an 11 hour [bus] ride from Cuzco. Again I was fine on the bus [and] didn't even feel squeamish.

The guy that sent the pics was a gringo scientist doing experiments an hour down the river who came to town for Church. Wow thats cool experience. I always think of the Marriotts [because] I have that pocket Book of Mormon Grant gave me before I left.  It's been very helpful for travel. 

I took an 11 hour bus ride from Cuszo and we cover the Puerto Maldonado branch which includes the towns Pueblo Viejo and Triunfo.  The baptism was from the missionaries before. My companion is is from El Salvador but speaks really good English and has vacationed [in] California! we live in a little apartment but it is sufficient. I don't want hot water again,  Most people here are Selvatican and very kind, open people 

[I] don't have much time to write only 45 min.  I talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and went off a talk I prepared in the CCM.

The [spelling] is Cuzco but the pronunciation is 'Costco'.


Elder Wilde"

Michael in the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

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