Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Short Message From Michael

This morning we received a brief email from Michael:

They told me to email you and tell you I am alive and doing well.  Lima is nice and the plane was aight. The board is a little different than USA. My P-Day is on Monday,thats when I´ll be on next. Im going on like 3 hours of sleep cause my flight got in really late this morning. I just got my nametag for my suit its sweet!!
Elder Wilde

You can see Michael's humor in the first sentence. I'm not sure what the "board" is. Room and board, boarding the plane?

Michael's prep day (P-Day) when he checks his email is on Mondays. If any of you want to contact Michael, you can email him at wilde (dot) michael (at) myldsmail (dot) net.

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