Friday, March 18, 2016

Training a Mini Missionary

well It's pretty fun to train a mini missionary, because it's all the benefits of teaching someone but I don't have to teach the language cause he's from Puno haha,  He's doing good. He is still getting used to walking everywhere.   Elmer is doing super good, we had to change his baptismal date for the General Conference weekend and I am waiting for an answer from Cuzco if we can do that.  

YESSSS  I got my package thanks so much I love you all!!!   I tore it up,  and  I opened the peanut butter during my study today, I almost died!!!!    Oh my pensionista Shirley got internet in her house the other day, so I'm going to help her find you in facebook,  so heads up for that.

That rain sounds good, personally I don't like it when it rains here cause it's super cold rain, I heard it's going to get worse with the rain here so that's what I got going for me.   

This week we had a Zone goal of contacts.  In my companionship we had 62 the other elders in my district had 68!!!!!!  We killed it!!!!  We are a district of 4 and we hold our own against the other bigger districts in the zone. We're going to keep contacting people like that, I've lost more of the fear I had to contact now its more normal.

Everything is good here, the work is progressing. I feel that  in my 3 more transfers here that I will have a lot more success.  That is good to work on family history, the stake is trying to push that a lot here. We had a stake priesthood meeting,  it was very good, and after we left with the priesthood holders from the ward. I remember when we would go eat pizza as a ward. I felt the same brotherhood, with them, I gave them the idea to make that an activity to go do something after.  I felt at home with them, and in the priesthood opening exercises, singing the hymn, powerful manly voices I felt the spirit, and talking with all the members I'm just so happy to be here in Puno and to know all these people. 

I didn't go to the training. They pretty much told me to wing it...  I'm trying to remember my training and just teach him all the stuff I think he needs to know.  I'm having lots of fun with my district  

I'll inform you more next week

That's a picture with the family from my ward, the mom crocheted me a tie of the peruvian flag!!!!!!!Everyone was complimenting me haha

I'm super happy and I'm doing just fine.


Elder Wilde

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