Monday, March 14, 2016

Letter from last week 3/7

The news is that my companion Elder Tucto is going to Abancay, he's going to the sector across the bridge from Patibamba, and I'm going to train a mini missionary!!!!!!     I'm really excited to train. someone and teach him how to be a missionary, its my job to shape into an instrument in gods hands.  I'm just so happy to do this,  I'm only gonna be with him for 6 weeks, but I feel like I might train for reals in April, because a lot of missionaries are going to come.  I'm probably going to travel to Cusco for training, then receive my kid and go back to Puno.  

Elmer came to church he really liked it he's progressing very well for the 26th of march, this lucky mini missionary is going to have a baptism haha,  

I'm doing well, I'm healthy and my pensionista is taking really good care of me. (I'm gaining a little bit of weight) but that's good because I've lost a lot of weight,  

Hey quick question could you fill my card up with some soles please, I may buy some weights soon. 

allrighty see you later, Sawyer sounds so cool!!!

I read the grampy report. it made me very happy to hear that news, that now you're sealed to your parents. I know he accepted the work you guys did.

I'll write more next week I promise.

Me and my District by Lake Titicaca


Elder Wilde

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