Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Parable of the Talents

There is a rumor going around that an Apostle is coming in June to our mission!!! Because the Trujillo Peru Temple gets dedicated so the Authorities might tour some missions. 

Yes I have the package and I'm eating it slowly. Girl Scout Cookies are the best tasting thing I've had in Puerto. 

So about Eduardo, last pday we were in a mototaxi and I thought I saw him so we went back and searched the area another day and then we found him!!! We talked and made a appointment, and then he dropped off the face of the earth again. He is our baptism goal for May, we're trying hard.  

It's weird I've lost my appetite almost completely, I barely eat, like I fasted 24 hours and I wasn't hungry, only super thirsty!!!! I think it's the rice, it's just a mind killer, I'm dropping weight from living in a sauna, and eating less. 

For a family in Triunfo, in a lesson I suggested a date for them to get married (so they can get baptized) and committed them to pray about it. It's very difficult the Hermana (sister) has a lot of fear to get married. After I said my part she said she knows god wants her to get married. I responded then why aren't you doing it. and she was like (darn), I guess we should get married and the boyfriend   was like I'm fine with it. Its really good progress for them and they said that I'm gonna be the PadriƱo (godfather) to their new kid!!!!

Puerto rocks I just don't know how much time I have left, because i don't want to go to the Sierras soon.

This Saturday we helped a family get their 8 year old daughter Reina baptized.  The baptism went normal in Puerto about 4 hours long. The water came out of the thing super dirty, we tried to fix it and finally the dad said it's OK, it's water, no ones gonna die from it. I gave a little talk about the holy ghost there and it went real good.

A different family the mom asked us last week to bring a special message for her son because he doesn't want to study in college, he wants to drive big trucks. She explained the situation, and that night in the room, I suddenly thought of the parable of the talents!! We went and shared that, I think he understands the message, and we explained the glory of god is intelligence, and who doesn't want that? The mom and the son are  members and the rest are investigators. We're probably going to help the mom come to church more often and baptize the rest of the family. The 10 year old boy told his mom voy a ser Elder ( I want to be an Elder).  Its real good progress. he came to church by himself yesterday for the 3 hours!! his name is melvin. 

There's a lot of work to do here and the days are flying by.

Love Elder Wilde

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