Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fish, Birthdays and the bugs don't bite anymore.....

To Dad:  Wow that sounds like a busy week... That's a big burn pile though!!!!  Good luck down in LA wrangling those business deal things, the advice I always give here is to pray super hard, and listen before you do something, and I learned that from you dad. 

Something funny this week, I was on a work visit in the other sector with Elder Augat, and a drunk started talking to me in all right English, he asked me if I smoke, I told him no because it's bad for your body. We bounced around every topic and in the end, he was like I got lots of problems to work on, and I just said `I think drinking is one of your problems, you should stop`. After he left, it was so funny!!! You can be more straightforward with the street drunks and honest.

I don't have a transfer, neither my companion, so maybe 2 more changes (12 weeks)  here!! Yipee

Last p-day we had a super fiesta for two Elders' birthdays, the one Elder went a little all out, with his present. haha. 

It is weird I'm so used to Puerto I feel cold now in the morning, and I don't use my fan anymore, and I don't need bug spray at night anymore cause I don't get bites anymore, I guess that's a perk of being here a while.

So this week my pension (person who cooks meals) told me she was gong to make pancakes!!! I got super excited, and helped her out with making them right haha, Here they think pancakes are crepes.  I tried to explain it.

We are teaching a part member family and they always give us food!! their kid Melvin is accepting it the best I think he understands the fastest. We went yesterday and they made us Juanys. Fish stuffed with meat and baked in a palm thingy (with yuca).  It was very good and after we shared our lesson. Its tough because Melvin can get baptized but I don't think we should until his dad gets baptized. yeah I'm used to eating fish with lots of spines now!! 

Sorry I don't write a lot I'm trying to only write one hour because of obedience.


Elder Wilde

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