Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Back to Civilization

The whole mission is kind of refocusing back to the core parts, Sectors have closed to bring more missionaries back to the center. This week we did a big service moving 4 yards of dirt for someone and later we talked to a guy and turns out he saw us working and was really impressed and wondered who we were. We went back another day and started teaching him and his whole family 6 in total. It went really good, We are all friends now and he said he felt really good inside during our visit and he wants us to comeback to talk more to his family.  We're both really excited to work with them. 

Our investigators are progressing good, we are teaching them a lot. Sunday I went on splits with a member to teach Oliver. Oliver did accept the baptismal challenge but it was super tentative 
and we don't have a date.

 So the other day we were leaving a city and I really felt like buying ice cream, like my mouth was super dry and I was dying.  I got us to go over to this little shop to buy ice cream and turns out a member lives there and she was really sad and wanted to talk to us, it was really good, and she gave us both Ice Cream!!  Another thing is my old district leader finished his mission last transfer and 
Friday during dinner the pension (landlord) showed us his Facebook because he's engaged now!!!  We all had a little freak out at the table, but we're all happy for him. 

We are teaching a family out in the jungle pretty much where they don't have power, and the dad asked us to help build part of his house, its going to be a big project. .

                                             This picture is us walking back to civilization.

The time is going by super fast I'm almost officially trained.


Elder Wilde

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